We need to radically overhaul our healthcare system. Relative to other comparable, developed countries, Americans  pay more for less when it comes to healthcare.

In an ideal world our healthcare system would:

  • Cover everyone and under one system (veterans, elderly, young, poor all have access to same facilities),
  • Be accessible to everyone,
  • Be affordable,
  • Offer comprehensive coverage, including long term care, pre-existing and ongoing conditions, transportation, dental, vision and hearing, along with the additional services particular segments of our population such as women, homosexuals, lesbians and transgender might need,
  • Involve little or no paperwork for the patient or care provider,
  • Would not involve direct payment for service,
  • Allow us to choose our care provider,
  • Coordinate and manage our treatment between different care providers,
  • Provide oversight over treatment plans worked out between patients and their care providers to protect patients against unnecessary or potentially harmful treatment,
  • Cover mental health and substance abuse on a par with physical health,
  • Emphasize preventative care,
  • Continue to develop better and less costly treatment services and technologies, and
  • Provide quality care to everyone.

To achieve these and other priorities will probably require a mix of private and public participation. I will strongly support whatever design works, single payer, Medicare for all or mixed private-public, provided the resulting system yields the goals we want.