Why I’m Running

Over the past 40 years more and more of the income generated in this country has gone to the wealthiest few, making life for the rest of us more and more fragile. Those of us not in the top 1% are one medical crisis away from losing our homes; some of us have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet; our schools are overcrowded, are not preparing all of our children for the future, and as we have seen all too frequently, don’t keep them safe from gun violence; our kids who go onto advanced education, whether college or vocational, graduate weighed down with debt; and now with substantially lower tax rates for large corporations and the wealthiest among us, it falls to us, the 99%, to pay much more than our fair share to fix the problems facing our nation.

We all know that it takes more than just hard work alone to succeed; sometimes it doesn’t even require hard work. However, it certainly requires some combination of a good sense of direction, knowing the right people, access to money, a lot of support from family and friends, savvy and perhaps most importantly, a lot of luck. Too often those that succeed forget the support they received along the way. Our goal as a society should be to ensure everyone has the support they need to succeed.

The main barrier to building this society is our broken political system. Our elected officials work for the big donors, not for us. The parties, both Democrats and Republicans, maneuver to preserve or gain power while our country flounders. Faced with a political process that has failed us and having lost touch with a unifying vision of what America can and should be, we have begun dividing into different tribes fighting amongst ourselves and against a seemingly rigged system as if we were not all entitled to the same rights and freedoms and as if there no longer existed a common good or public interest.

I am running for Congress because I want to help build an America that works for everyone. I am fighting for the values that I think we all share. We do not have to continue living on the edge. It is not inevitable that along with the “winners,” there must be “losers.” It is within our power to free our democracy from its enslavement to money and to build a society where everyone can prosper.

To live what I preach, I am not soliciting money from PACs, large corporations or wealthy donors. Instead, I am running a grassroots campaign that relies on those who share my vision to spread the word among their friends, host living room fundraisers and donate what they can.

I hope that you share my belief in the possibilities of our country and that you will support our campaign in whatever way you can.